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they will receive a special tribute to ground zero in the morning and join us to talk about freedom, liberty and sacrifice on july 4th. set the tivo, grab the tissues and join us. >> the news begins anew in "studio b." the united states and pakistan ended a 7 month standoff offense a key supply route to afghanistan but it took a phone call from hillary clinton. >>> cops arrested the c.e.o. of one time online poker giant on accusations he ran a ponzi scheme that scammed players out of hundreds of millions of dollars. a trade group for drone makers and operators has released a code of conduct for the flying machines. but does it do enough? that's all ahead unless breaking news changes everything on "studio b." >>> but first from fox at 3:00, the u.s. is saying sorry for the nato air strike that killed two dozen pakistani troops last year and secretary of state hillary clinton said both sides acknowledged the mistakes. at the same time pakistan agreed to reopen key border crossings in afghanistan. pakistan closed them in retaliation for the strike effectively cutting off supply routes
ofsecretay clinton used the word sorry, sorry for the losses suffered by the pakistani military and passed on regrets and condolences. if you want to define that as an apology, it's an apology but it's important to focus on what she said it for. sorry for the pakistani military losses. she did not apparent will i apologize for the u.s. carrying out an air strike on pakistani territory. these are important differences and allows the military to say they didn't apologize for the air strike but for the deaths it caused. the secretary of state spokeswoman danced around it in a briefing. >> i think the intent here is we are both sorry for the losses suffered by both our countries in this fight against terrorists. >> is it fair to consider this an apology? >> the statement speaks for itself. the words are there and i'm not going to improve on it here. >> bottom line, it depends what you consider the definition of apology to be, trace. >> whatever the meaning of these words, this appears to be a good thing for the united states. >> yeah, absolutely no doubt about that. since this incident, the u.
a lake in the search for two cousins, missing since friday. the family joined us, live, all ahead unless breaking news changes everything. this is "studio b" today. >> but, first from fox at 3:00 in new york city, police in alabama say they have the man they suspect of turning a crowded college bar into a bloody and chaotic mess. according to the cops, off the university alabama campus the gunman fired a military-style assault rifle into the bar through a window after midnight and shot at people as they ran or crawled away. police say the shooter hit at least 11 people critically injuring one. we have surveillance video that shows the suspect calmly walking to the bar with a gun. the suspect turned himself in moments ago in jasper, alabama. >> he went to a business in jasper and told the individuals at the business would he was and he was being sought in connection with the shooting shd he called the police department. >> miss have not yet file charges. and now, live from cuss -- from the city. what do we know? >> not much. the police are not going for release his identity and they will
and they're prepared. here's part of the plan from bill line from the u.s. park service. >> if we get to a point where in that 5:00, 6:00, 7:00, range we have enough thunderstorms that contain lightning, heavy winds, certainly we will implement the safe haven program and evacuate the mall as we have done three times in the last ten. >> if people would go to the museums, other large federal office buildings and cool and wait for the storm to pass, they could come out and watch the fireworks at 9:00. they've only been canceled once in 25 years so it's a sure bet we'll see skyrockets high. >> steve, stay cool. thank you very much. >>> as for the weather, the intense heat continues across much of the midwest stretching south and east and we're seeing dangerously high temperatures, triple digits. the latest from janice dean in the fox extreme weather center. where is the worst? >> the the heartland. a potential for high heat in the mid middle east. the midwest and ohio river valley, 100 to 110 degrees. people are urged to stay indoors, barbecue then head in and drink lots of water, check o
. i talked to the secretary and we are better off, i don't talk to those people because we used to do training and security. we know. the fact is we are not any safer than we were before 9/11. >>shepard: the goal is to make us "feel" safer? >>guest: absolutely, like what bush did by putting two guys holding empty m-16's at the gates right after 9/11. all for show. >>shepard: well that is a dose of reality. nice to see you again, thank you, mike. >> one of the largest banks now accused of helping terrorists and drug dealers move billions and believe it or not, trillions of dollars. and the government agency responsible for watching that bank did nothing. that's next. also, the united states has doublinged the number of mine sweeping ships in the persian gulf. what is the pentagon expecting? the medicare debate continues in washington... ...more talk on social security... ...but washington isn't talking to the american people. [ female announcer ] when it comes to the future of medicare and social security, you've earned the right to know. ♪ what does it mean for you and your fa
.b.i. or the spokesman for the campus will tell us what was in there. we know we have a couple of suspicious packages. one was taken away. we do not want to be too alarmist and say there are bombs popping up all over the campus. it speaks to howskittish people are. you have the bomb robot at work not building behind me. >>shepard: and the investigators are working on all the stuff they found in the suspect's apartment. what do we know? >>reporter: there is a mountain of evidence in that apartment, now, mostly because the explosives did not go off. they got the explosives out of the apartment. they trucked it to a remote location south of here. where all of the explosives were destroyed in a controlled environment. so, among the things we know are part of the evidence, a central processing unit from a computer taken out. a laptop computer came out. we have sources telling us there was a batman poster inside of that apartment, and, also, a batman series mask. not necessarily batman, but something from the series. so a lot of evidence to go through. we, learn a lot about this james holmes as they go thr
will use comparisons to ancestors alive today. not everyone is happy. we eleven you with that. here is shepard. >>shepard: thank you very much. the news begins anew on "studio b." russian and china stops action against the murderous regime in syria. like it would have helped. and it sparked strong words from the united states. that is ahead. and a new jobless report claims that fueling fears of economic slow down is upon us. but, the jobs data may have more to do with seasonal changes not auto industry. context and perspective coming up. a new investigation into mr. hot tub's former organization. the general services administration accused of spending nearly $300,000 on an awards ceremony. >> that's all ahead unless breaking news changes everything. this is "studio b." >> first from fox at 3:00 in new york city, syrian state media today released pictures report reportedly showing president bashar al-assad alive after a bomb killed members of the inner circle. president bashar al-assad is shown swearing in the new defense minister but did not report when or where. we cannot confirm t
. and sailors on a u.s. navy ship fire on a boat in the persian killing one. and injured three others. the navy reports the boat ignored the warnings. details are coming up. and officials in florida release 140 recordings of george zimmerman's phone call and what the man who killed the central central seen age said just ahead. >> and shopping on the internet may be about to get more expensive. online sales tax reportedly coming to everyone. that's all ahead. unless breaking news changes everything. this is "studio b." but first from fox at 3:00 in new york city, the republican presidential candidate, mitt romney accuseing president obama of favoring his big political donors while ignoring the struggling middle class. >> this is a tough time for the people of america but if you are a campaign contributor to president obama your business could stand to make, or get billions or hundreds of millions from cash from the government. it is wrong. >>shepard: romney campaign has been on the defensive after obama campaign claimed the governor was not being honest about his time as head of the investment b
russia and china on the record, vetoing this resolution and, then, to try to shame them as u.s. arch to ambassador to the u.n. did. ought security coin has -- counsel has failed in its important task this year. this is another dark day in turtle bay. one can only hope that one day, before too many thousands more die, that russia and china will stop protecting assad. and allow this council to play its proper role at the center of the international response to the crisis in syria. >>jonathan: the truth of the matter is, does, in its failure to come to agreement on what to do about syria, the united nations has in essence, left itself irrelevant to events on the ground. >>shepard: there are those who suggest time is running out given the attack yesterday and the word from so many that the regime seems to be crumbling. >>jonathan: the events are moving so fast that is why diplomats are irrelevant to what is going on. president bashar al-assad seems to have two choices: flee or fight. for the moment, given the violence we have seen perpetrated against the rebels today in damascus, he is c
of onetouch ultra. really? yep, which is great for people who use insulin and test a lot. max and i are gonna run out and get them right now. or you can call or click today and get strips and a meter free. test easy. >>megyn: thanks for watching, everyone, follow me on twitter and let me know if you are signing up not race. >>shepard: possible tipping point not uprising in syria after all the many months. rebel fighters taking credit for the biggest blow to the syrian president's inner circle since the government start the killing thousands upon thousands of men, women and children. the white house now says the syrian president is losing control. where is he? live reports from the state department, the united nations, and team fox coverage on what could an big day. >> feds say drought conditions in two-thirds of this country will lead to higher food prices later this year and beyond. details ahead. >> a new report suggests lazy people who it is on couch all day have the same risk of death as smokers. and if you do both, slit your wrists, i guess. >> that is all ahead unless breaking
campaign trail and he used it to urge voters in ohio to the as tie breakers in what he called the "stalemate," in washington, an appeal to the independents who often decide elections. he stopped off to sample the eats in cincinnati, and today he claimed to have kept his promise of four years ago to cut taxes for the middle class. >> i want all the resolution to notice that. because sometimes you hear all these crazy accusations that obama is raising taxes, burdening, no, here are the facts: middle class families your taxes have gone down. $3,600 since i have been in office. >> governor romney attending church services in new hampshire held fast on a plan to release only one additional year's worth of tax returns and challenged the president to release the operation fast and fewer out documents that he has used executive privilege to withheld from congress. and romney campaign released a web only video which accuses president obama of rewarding politically connected companies, bundlers and donors with stimulus funds, government jobs and contracts. >> when people accuse you of a
slaughtered more than 17,000 of their own citizens. and the u.s. military source says the pentagon is concerned the chaos of the fighting, the mass destruction, the mass destruction agent could end up in the hand of terrorists after the slaughter of 200 people, mostly civilians. remember, we cannot independently confirm that but if true, it proves it would reportedly be the bloodiest massacre since the uprising again the government there began. jennifer griffin with the news live for us at the pentagon, and, what can you tell us exactly about the movement of the chemical agents. >>reporter: according to a senior u.s. defense source u.s. intelligence monitors intercepted several streams of signals intelligence about a week ago suggesting elements in the syrian regime have transferred some of the stockpile of chemical agents. possibly saran news gas to the homs region. there was movement of the chemical agents but there is no sign they have been used. violence at home has been on the rise. according to this military source it is not clear whether the movement of the stockpile was aut
officials to refrain from using chemical weapons. >>shepard: james, thank you from the state department. and now to judith miller, pulitzer prize winning journalist. >>guest: this big, something that no one anticipated. there were a few warning signs before but no one thought the free syrian army was capable of getting inside a three-story building that is the heart of the national security apparatus of the regime and blow up not only the two leading defense officials. i cannot stress how important this defense is, the brother-in-law, shep, of the president. because he was his father's advisor. this is a long-standing inner core guy. he is dead. this regime has been decapitated but for the president himself. so, this is a very crucial moment. >>shepard: the president is missing. one might guess that if something bad were to happen to someone in the inner circle and he could come to a camera without fear he would do so but it is nightfall in damascus and in sign. >>guest: no sign of him. really, most analysts i have talked to today, say, let's not be too quick to pronounce the death of t
july low 80's. in kansas city. we will cover that. and guess who will join us? among others the newest member of the fox sports team. many our male guests in the audience may recognize her, and i will ask her about the things anyone should ask her about and baseball, too. unless breaking news changes everything. the biggest cell phone network in the nation are now reporting major jump in surveillance requests. authorities reportedly asking for everything from g.p.s. coordinants to text messages. and they are doing it more than a million times. and many of the customers were not suspected of crimes. why is that? and six united states airmen buried at arlington national cemetery decades after issuing a may day signal during vietnam war. >> and a fistfight after a little league baseball game. if you have not seen this, you need see this. stay classy, parents. all ahead. unless breaking news changes everything. >> first from fox at 2:00 in kansas city, president obama today pushing for another extension of the bush tax cuts but only for the middle class. the move sets up another election y
it for one year. so they still have work to do. >>shepard: one year which gets us past the election and republicans are sounding a familiar refrain that raising taxes on anybody in an committee like this is the wrong thing to do. >>reporter: and they quote the president himself, who the last time the bush tax cuts and the tax rates were expiring after the 2010 midterm elections the president said it is a bad idea to raise taxes on folks by letting the rates expire, raising taxes in the middle of a struggling economy, the president said, then, is a bad idea and, today, the romney campaign put out this statement, and a spokesman said president obama's response to more bad economic news is a massive tax increase. it proves, again, that the president doesn't have a clue how to get america working again and help the middle class. that is, really, the junior -- the major point with the president presenting him sex as a warrior for the middle class and focusing on standing up not middle class. the romney campaign republicans on the hill are trying to say it is not just about taxes but also
ak-47-type assault rifle. and he had a nine millimeter handgun, unknown to us at this time. and a knife in his possession. he also had what is considered a grenade. >>trace: the commissioner saying red hair, like the joker, and said he was the joker. police would not talk about that because we asked, did he have red hair? they would not talk about it. a second federal source has now confirmed that, in fact, his hair was red. the joker's hair not movie was green but the commissioner alluded to saying something about being the joker. >>shepard: trace, the suspect's mother was contacted by a representative of the media, i think someone from abc news and she was not informed, she was, like, i think you have the right person. i need to get to colorado. she must have known something. >>trace: and it is weird because nobody has an explanation. she is in the house and you read earlier the police in san diego are guarding the house. the father is en route right now to colorado to meet with his son. but the mom said, yeah, i think you have the right person. or "you have the right per
appointed two u.s. attorneys to lead an inquiry into the source of the leaks which include information about possible u.s. involvement in a cyber attack on iran and a recent al qaeda plot to debt to nature an underwear bought on a u.s.-bound flight. some republican senators claim the leaks were designed to make the president look good but, instead, endangered u.s. likes, as well as national security. president obama has called such accusations "offensive," and denies they were intended to make him look strong on terror. and now, live to catherine in washington, dc. how did we get here, exactly? >>reporter: con johners called the -- john conyers called their bluff of the republicans and the republicans doubled down. >> if there is somebody that isn't cooperating with us in this investigation, which is a legitimate subject for discussion, we should subpoena them. >> if the gentleman will yield i will take the gentleman up on his offer immediately. >> how about the people in the situation room? >> wait a minute. just a moment. >> you can see cross talk there but the bottom line the chairman o
department reports that u.s. job openings increased to 3.6 million in may, up close to 6 percent from the previous month. it is also the second highest level in nearly four years. and the experts say it could mean hiring will pick up later this summer. or we could all drown. the problem is layoffs actually increased at the same time so with so many people unemployed there are still not nearly enough jobs. and now to get it started with gerri wills anchor of the willis report. gerri if there are millions of openings why are so jobs being filled? >>gerri: people are nervous to fill the openings because they want to see a better committee. to get the job creation you have to have job creation. so they are hiring a limited number of people so at the end of the day the impact to the economy is not that great. >>shepard: a survey suggests that small business owners are being very cautious. >>gerri: absolutely. they are not hiring. business confidence is the lowest it has been in eight months, the index at 91.4, down three points from the previous month. this is not good news. and they sayin
us our national security. >>shepard: yesterday, a bill was approved to crackdown on the leaks putting restrictions on which members of the intelligence committee can talk to the media. two u.s. attorneys are investigating how the sensitive information made its way to newspaper articles about cyber attacks on iran and the would be underwear bomber. this week the former massachusetts governor romney accused president obama of using the leaks to political gain. the white house called that accusation an "insult." wendell is like at the white house this afternoon. has the administration said we are positive the leaks did not come from inside the administration? >>reporter: no. press secretary carney pointed out there are two investigations trying to pin down where the leaks came from but ruled out the president's involvement saying the president finds it preposterous to suggest the white house would leak the information for gain. the president is the most important consumer of classified information. >> he has to make life-and-death decisions based on that information all the time. he thin
this information. it is an exclusive. mike tobin is with us in aurora, colorado, this afternoon. what else do we know of the notebook? >>reporter: it was found on the day when we were reporting on the suspicious packages. the bomb squad investigated the packages. in building 500, which we showed you the video, before, the feds got a search warrant to search the mailroom. they found a package intended for a psychiatrist inside the university campus, according to authorities. they opened it. they found the notebook. according to legal experts, if this net book contains the detail we think it does, if it made it to that psychiatrist, he would have been obligated to notify authorities. >> it is an exception to the normal doctor-patient privilege. in other words, if the package had been opened, this doctor may well have had information that he was duty bound to share with the public and to share with law enforcement to avert this tragedy. >>reporter: abc news is reporting that james holmes bought his assault rifle hours after he failed a key oral exam on the university campus. >>shepard: what is the
. >>> the wife and mother of this missing millionaire accusing each other of using his disappearance to take control of his $100 million fortune. a lawsuit against google and yahoo accuses the internet giant of illegally scanning emails even if you don't have an account with either of them. that's all ahead unless breaking news changes everything on "studio b." >>> but first from fox at 3:00, millions of people across the mid-atlantic are without power for a third day as temperatures continue to hover in the triple digits following deadly summer storms and utility officials warn it could be days before electricity is restored. the blackouts stretch all the way from north carolina up through new jersey and as far west as illinois. right now ice is a top commodity. food is rotting and with record heat in some spots, the lack of air conditioning is a potentially dangerous factor. some folks left town to stay with friends or relatives who have power. others are taking refuge in temporary shelters or public places that didn't get hit. listen. >> we've been to ikea, which is air conditioning. now
here. >> first from fox at 3:00, new signs the u.s. economy could be stuck in a rut. g.d.p. grew by just 1.5 percent between april and june. it is a smaller increase compared to the first three months of 2012. g.d.p. is the value of all the goods and services the united states produces. it is a key indicator of our country's overall economic health. when the united states is producing less, that could force companies to cut back on hiring. the white house pointing out that today's numbers show the economy is still moving in the right direction but it is still not enough. >> that is why the president continues to insist the proposals he has put forward that outside economists say would have an immediate impact on economic growth and on job creation must be passed by congress. we will continue to make that case. >>trace: republicans had a different view. the former minnesota governor pawlenty fired back on behalf of the romney campaigning saying and i quote, "instead of generating growth and jobs, president obama has only generated uncertainty." and now to the white house with ed h
because the power is out. it unites us in a strange way. >> reporter: so people sticking together so far. up the road in baltimore about an hour or so north of here, also a mess as straight line thunderstorms went through baltimore on the way up to new jersey and a deadly incident, folks here who survived just trying to make the best of it so far. >> we keep talking about how millions are without power. what do we hear from the utility companies about when it might come back on? >> a lot of the utility companies say it will be a full week, so others are saying they don't want to predict. that seems to wear on the residents but also elected officials. take a listen to the mayor of washington, d.c. >> pepco's pace of restoring power to me is unacceptable and the speed of their response disappointing. how many times have we been through this before. frankly most would agree friday is not good enough to be able to restore power. >> reporter: especially when you consider the heat is expected to stay in the 90s probably the next few days. so as the days go by with the heat, lack of air conditi
journal" which is owned by the parent company of this network. john bussey is with us. how do we process this? >>john: it is a very bad recession with an unusually bad effect on younger people. our economic supporter has a piece on this situation. if you look back to the last bad recession in the early 1980's, it went down and it came back. people lost jobs or could not find work and then they could it recovered quickly. this is taking so long that we are finding younger people are going, now, for years without finding a job. and the key thing is that at the beginning of your career, you move around a lot. you are chasing the brass ring trying to find what you want to do. the bulk of your income growth happens in those early years. so it is setting young people back in a number of bad ways. >>shepard: there is one way to look at that, that our economy and our model has not changed with the times in the way it has in other countries. >>guest: or if you have a recession brought on by a financial sector crisis, not a business sector crisis, where the inventories rise and you have to burn th
cameron is live for us today in london. how did the fundraiser go, carl in >>carl: well he did well for $2 million for an hour's worth of work. romney had a packed house. he went to the fundraisers of ex-pats. there were $25,000 to $75,000 a ticket originally, but at last minute they let folks in for free to boston the crowd and boost their coffers. raising money overseas is turning out to be an advantage for romney as is the case in the united states where moderates and democrats have been slower to donate and rush to support for president obama. that's created an opportunity for mitt romney domestically. that is the case with money and actee ballots overseas as he has been exploiting with another fundraiser in israel the next couple of days. >>trace: how worried is the romney campaign of the drubbing he are getting from the british press? >>carl: well, it is, after all, the british press which is famous for the hyperbole and sarcasm and willingness to attack its own leaders, never mind the visitors. but it is never good when a politician is getting here no matter where it is come. the ro
bills could top $1 million. >> mike tobin live for us in colorado this afternoon. it seems people all over the nation are interested in helping the victims. >>reporter: people are showing their compassion with their wallets over the internet. there is a witness for that couple, and you can donate. people have contributed over $75,000 to his medical expenses as he now is in the same hospital as his newborn baby who he has never even met. people are reaching out over a website called going directly to the victims. so far $2 million has come in over that. a donor to that is warner bros. studios that produced the movie. >>shepard: i understand there is a spike in gun sales. >> background checks for firearm purchases are up over 40 percent in the state of colorado. fire instructors are seeing a remarkable interest in people who want instruction you need to get a concealed carry permit. fox news went to a gun store and he said, the owner, has seen a spike in sales of handguns and ak-47's. one motivation is personal protection. the other is a desire to scoop up the firear
rate. the government will release the monthly report on unemployment and give us a better picture of where things stand. now the negative signs, major retailers, target, costco and macy's report folks didn't spend as much in june as many expected. as traders digest this economic data here's how it's affecting your 401(k). the dow down 15 points. adam shapiro is live in our new york studio. we're getting other economic reports today. help us break it down. >> it's all about jobs trace. and although the economy continues to grow an anemic growth there are indications the job market is turning around. adp put out their numbers today and we saw a larger number of jobs than thought. for instance medium-sized businesses, anywhere from 50 to 499 people added 72,000 jobs. small businesses, such a driver of this economy, they added 94,000 jobs. it was a gain of 176,000 jobs overall. the economists expected 105,000. at least the private sector payroll number is indicating something good. >> as you say it's all about jobs
spike, slowing investment in u.s. companies and jeopardizing development in energy projects that create american jobs. ask congress to stop a dividend tax hike -- for all of us. >>shepard: there is word now that iran could be about three years fromming have missile capable of hitting the united states. one of the findings in a new pentagon report. congress got the report last month but bloomberg news got a copy of it. and according to those documents iran's military is making progress improving the accuracy and the "killing power," of the missile arsenal. it says that iran "has methodally cultivate add network of sponsored terrorists surrogates capable of targeting u.s. and israeli interests." it says that iran could be capable of testing long-range intercontinental missile by 2015. and jonathan hunt is here following this. a lost worrying claims in this report to hear from those who have been through it. >>jonathan: it says iran is using all the tools in their box to increase their influence and power in the region from the most benign diplomatic outreach to other countries in that reg
extreme events. history retells us. we auto wait a while. and then make the decisions. you said that from the beginning. we will follow the lawsuit. >> but a senior democrat and chair of the powerful senate intelligentsia, senator feinstein, now is changing her remarks when she made about sensitive intelligence leaks. yesterday it seemed that senator feinstein was joining republican lawmakers questioning whether someone in the white house could have leaked classified information. the attorney general, eric holder, has appointed two u.s. attorneys about leaks including information about the al qaeda plot and dead nation of an underwear bomb on a flight and involvement of a cyber attack on iran. some republicans claim the leaks remain designed to make the president look good but endangered u.s. lives much the president calls the accusations "offensive." minutes ago senator feinstein said she doesn't know the source of the leaks. and now catherine is working this story as it is developing. tell us what is going on with this investigation, catherine. >>reporter: well, let's start with the com
romney using the number to slam each other's records. details coming up. >>> plus a middle school principal facing two decades behind bars on accusations she had her daughter plant a camera in a locker room. that's all ahead unless breaking news changes everything on "studio b." >>> first from fox at 3:00, another month of weak jobs gains adding to concern the economic recovery stalled. employers are still hiring but not nearly enough to make a dent in the unemployment rate. the labor department reports employers added 80,000 jobs last month and the employment rate remained unchanged at 8.2%, still down from 9.1% last summer but the report reflects a third straight month of weak hiring. markets took a dive on the news. a live look at the dow, the dow is down 164. not good news for today's labor report. the average workweek did gain on a bit of a bright spot. it gained a little bit helping to boost the paychecks some of them you're working more hours and make a little bit more money. still an overall disappointing report. president obama campaigning today in the key swing state of
of the expression that he used but he seemed very coherent. >>reporter: that was the aunt of moser who miscarried the child she was carrying. she is the mother of the youngest victim, a six-year old. under colorado law, her unborn baby will not be added to the list of victims in the first-degree murder charges. >>shepard: we are getting a picture of who the suspect is. we know he was doing poorly in school. now there is a report that he may have been facing eviction from the apartment. >>reporter: he was living in an apartment building designated as "student housing," and the neighbors tell reuters that if he dropped out of the neuroscience program at the university of colorado, he would not have been eligible to live there anymore. neighbors say about a week before the shooting they talked to james holmes when he was wandering around. they say he was asking people if there were apartment vacancies. they also said his eyes were fluttering and his behavior was "weird." back to you. >>shepard: thank you. what do we make of the charges? we will get into that in a few minutes. first, governor romney
for us in pittsburgh. thank you. >>> the presumptive g.o.p. nominee, governor mitt romney, called today's jobs report, quoting, a kick in the gut to the middle class. carl cameron is live for us in d.c. >> romney's vacationing until sunday but the canceled the media to a local business to rail against the economy. >> the prediction was 5.6%, instead it's 8.2%, millions and millions of families are struggling and suffering because the president's policies have not worked for them. this is a time for america to choose whether they want more of the same. whether unemployment above 8% month after month after month is satisfactory or not. doesn't have to be this way. america can do better. >> reporter: romney went on and ticked off a host of aspects of his policy and program commitments. he says he'll balance the budget in eight to ten years and get unemployment to 6% and economic growth to 4% in the first term. >> the story has been healthcare but today as jobs numbers could change the subject for several days ahead. >> romney hopes so. his campaign will say that's in his wheel house. repub
on this trip from the press. >>carl: tough stuff but this reporter cannot talk about using occasionally gruff language and the fact of the matter is, the staff and the reporters living together 24/7 get testy and the staff are not the ones on the ballot. the candidate will be. >>shepard: is it true he only answered three questions from reporters on a three-nation tour? karl california -- >>carl: he gave interviews to most of the cable networks and to network anchors and his staff were available but they did not do the things that many are accustomed to. he did not come on the press plane to talk or hold availablibilities and answer questions from the traveling press. that is frustrating for reporters hoping to have an opportunity to report more than just what he did publicly. it did not happen. the frustration was exhibited in that group of tough questions leaving the memorial for pope john paul ii which is not the place if that type of shouting. the stater -- the staffer made the point. clearly. >>shepard: republican lawmakers releasing a report on the fast and furious operations and smoking
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